7 Tips For Online Dating Success

Dating has been changing every year, especially with new generations coming in. There are many ways to meet the love of your life, whether at a restaurant, school, work, or online. Dating can be intimidating for some people, which is why they struggle with finding the right person. The benefit of online dating, it can make people feel confident and comfortable as they get to know the person they are interested in before meeting them. Meeting people in person can make the other individual feel uneasy if they are a timid person. We all want to find our true love in life, and social media has played a great role in meeting people online. Please read the following seven tips to help you get through online dating.


1. Research Who You Are Talking To


First things first, there are many apps out there for online dating such as Tinder, eHarmony, Match, Hinge, and more, but not everyone says who they honestly are. If you have ever watched the TV show Catfish, you would know exactly what I am talking about. Say you match with someone you genuinely believe can be the one, but everything seems too good to be true. This is where you need to look out for yourself and try to find more information on the person without making it visible. For example, if you both have been talking for months on the dating app and nobody has exchanged numbers or social media profiles, something would seem a little off, especially since everyone is on social media these days. If the person does not want to give you anything that reveals who they are, they are most likely hiding something about themselves. Please remember when you are talking to someone, and if they are serious about dating you, they will not hide anything from you, so be mindful of every detail. One way you can be sure of who they are is to ask for their number and see if they would like to video chat one day. This will confirm whether they are who they say they are. Always stay safe and make sure they are genuinely who they are before meeting them in person.


2. Meeting in Person


Once you confirm the person is real, you can finally meet each other in person. This is a huge step and test to see if you both are compatible outside of the app. Dating online is entirely different than dating in person. When you are making plans to meet up, make sure your first date is in a public place for safety. Great first open dates can include the movies, amusement parks, dinner, or a simple date like grabbing coffee. Always avoid meeting in a secret location that nobody can see you. If you want to feel safer, you can let a close friend or family member know where you will be going and with who. After you are dating for a certain amount of time and feel 100 percent comfortable and safe, you may do whatever you think is right.


3. Do Not Share Sensitive/Personal Information Online


We all know that information can be passed quickly on the internet and will remain online forever. This is an essential tip to online dating and being on social media in general. As you connect with someone online who you feel could be the one, make sure to take things extra slowly. Never and I mean, never send out your home address, social security number, nudes, and bank information. If the person you are talking to ask you to send any information about your bank, social number, or nude pictures of you, block them immediately. Individuals like this only want to scam you and use your personal information to do whatever they are planning. Your home address is a little tricky to avoid. Say they want to pick you up for your first date and need an address to come locate you. In the past, I have had an experience that did not go to well after our first date, and I felt extremely uncomfortable knowing that they knew where I lived. To avoid situations like this, give them an address down the street to pick you up or even better, meet them at the location you are going for the first date.


4. Do Not Be Afraid to Say No


This tip applies to both online dating and in any regular relationship. Many people will let this one slide if they do not see anything wrong with it, but if it makes you uncomfortable, it is wrong. When going on dates, some individuals will try to get frisky way too soon. Do not be afraid to say no if you do not want him or her to touch you. Another important tip is to stay sober. Going on first dates can be fun, but if the person insists on you to drink or do any type of drug, say no. You never want to let yourself go when going on the first date just in case they try to do something you do not like. Do not do anything until you are ready to do it, and do not let the other person make you feel bad for not wanting to. There is nothing wrong with you for not wanting to take it to the next step, and any person who wants best for you will notice that.


5. Make Dating Profile Stand Out


Now that we have talked about everything to stay safe, we need to talk about how to make yourself stand out. When making a dating profile, make sure to include your interest, great photos, and always keep your bio short but a conversation starter. Do not be afraid to be silly while making your bio. Always show your true self and personality, but let your audience know what you take seriously in the dating world. Online dating always starts with the first impression, so when making your profile ask yourself, “Would I swipe right on myself?” If the answer is yes, your profile should be complete and outstanding.


6. Put Yourself Out There


Having a new match can be exciting but waiting for the person to start the conversation is unnecessary. If you are timid in public, this is your time to take the lead in dating. A lot of people wait until the other person starts a conversation if they ever do, so if you really want to know someone do not be afraid to get the conversation started. When starting the conversation, always keep it respectful and polite. Start off with a simple question like, “Hello, how is your week going?” then, as the conversation progresses, you can add more humor or anything you like.


7. Have an Open Mind


Yes, everyone wants to find the perfect spouse, but not everything is about looks. You may match with someone you think is the ideal man or woman just by the way they look, but love goes a lot deeper than that. When looking for the perfect one, see how they treat you, and what energy they give out. Dating is not all about looks; you need to find someone you feel the happiest with and treat you like a king or queen. This is the time to be picky, especially when you are dating online but have an open mind to meet someone who may not be your type in looks but is your type in personality. I promise you, character beats how they look on so many levels with dating.


Now that you have read all seven tips, you are ready to download a dating app of your choice and make your dating profile. Keep your profile bio short, making people want to get to know you more and make sure you add photos more than just selfies. Let people know a little bit about you through pictures but not too much. Have an open mind but never be gullible when people ask to meet in sketchy places or ask anything about personal information. Dating online can be fun and enjoyable if you do it correctly and stay safe. In any situation where you feel uncomfortable, leave immediately and politely tell them what they did to make you feel uneasy. Dating apps should never make you feel bad about yourself. This is a way to meet the love of your life and have a beautiful future together. Online dating is the most common way to meet people, whether it is dating apps or any social media platform. You do not have to feel embarrassed if you are the only one out of your friends and family dating online. This is your choice and way of meeting people without feeling timid in person, and there is nothing wrong with that at all. Please remember to always stay safe, honest, and enjoy the online dating world.

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